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Astrology 101 Nov 12, 2022

“To understand astrology is to understand the divine order of the universe”

Astrology is the most ancient and powerful of all the sciences because it encompasses all of science; math, numbers, geometry, physics, astronomy, mythology, psychology and spirituality!

The origins of Astrology date back to around 2000 BCE and can be traced to ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and ancient China!

There is so much we can learn from the ancient wisdom, but lets discuss the basic terms,...

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What's Your Zodiac Sign? Nov 12, 2022


March 21st – April 20th

Element – Fire

Quality – Cardinal

Planet – Mars

Chakra – Solar Plexus (3rd)

Rules – Head + Face; 1st House

Strengths – Vigorous, determined, ambitious, on the move, honest, courageous

Weaknesses – Argumentative, short tempered, egotistic, becomes easily bored and irritable

Likes – Leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports

Dislikes –...

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Simple Hacks To Uplevel Your Life Nov 12, 2022

want to share with you something that I posted earlier this month. It was my simple hacks to uplevel your life. Basically, a list of ways to start living up to your potential, make some positive changes, boost your productivity, improve your self-esteem, and raise that vibe! You know, the good stuff 

The higher your vibration is, the better your life is.

Here are my hacks to raise your vibration and to improve your life:

1. Put on your favorite high vibe song and dance to let go...

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What We Learned From The 90's Magical Entertainment Nov 12, 2022


What is magic? Is it real? Where do you find it? How do you find it? Where is it? And How to find magic in journaling. 

To me that is a simple question, with a simple answer. 

Magic is in everything, it's where,  it’s in nature, it's inside all of us.  It’s in the butterflies and the fireflies. It’s in the flowers and the rain. It’s in the stars, the sun and the moon, thunder and lightning,  it’s in all of us.

It’s in...

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