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What you need to know to get your life coaching business off the ground and attract your first paying clients
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Waht You Need To Get Started


8 Videos & Worksheets

Plan Your Coaching Sessions

5 Simple Steps in Coaching

Learn What Coaching Is & is Not

Life Coaching Myths Debunked

What To Do At The Beginning of Your Coaching Journey

Finding Your Niche & Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Understanding Social Media as Coach

List of Powerful Questions to Ask In Your Coaching Sessions

Coaching Session Outline

Action Plan Sample Contract & Coaching Agreement

How To Price Your Coaching Sessions & Programs

Goal Visualization Meditation Plus So Much More...


What You Will Learn

 Your Inner Compass

Identity your BIG vision for Your Life & Business. 

What Coaching Is & Isn't: 

What does it really mean to be a coach and just as importantly, what doesn’t it mean to be a coach? What does it actually mean to be a coach? what coaching is and what coaching is not. 

5 Simple steps

that you can start thinking about now to become a coach.

Myths Debunked

The top myths in the coaching world debunked.

Our Job As Coaches

What it's like to be a coach, what our role is as a coach, and how to connect to our clients on a deeper level.

The Beginning Of Your Coaching Journey

What you should and shouldn't do at the beginning your coaching journey and steps to take to attract your first paying clients STAT!

confident coach, start getting testimonials, and referrals and making that money honey.

Finding Your Niche And Attracting Your Ideal Client

How to find clients and learn what it really means to niche in the coaching world, and do you really need a niche?

The Online World & Social Media

Learn how you do not need to spend an arm in a leg at the begining and where you can host your paid programs and your 1:1 Sessions for FREE. Learn how social media works in the coaching space. Do you really need a website or email list? And what social media platform is best for you to attract paying clients?

Setting Up the Coaching Session

A full rundown on how to host your coaching sessions. It can feel confusing to understand how to apply all your coaching skills and turn it into a powerful coaching session. You’ll learn the right questions to ask and how to structure your coaching calls in an easy and flexible way that gives your client MASSIVE breakthroughs.

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8 Videos


Worksheets & Templates


Plan your Coaching Session Masterclass


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Hi! I'm Christina.


Trainer in NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, & EFT.  

Becoming a life coach has literally transformed my life.
I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to transition from a stay-at-home mom to living my purpose every day.

If you’re feeling called to become a life coach then this course will start you off on the right track.

I look forward to hearing all about how you started to Build Your Life Coaching Biz in 7 Days.

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