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Mindset & Life Coaching, NLP, T.I.M.E™ Techniques & Hypnotherapy
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Stop wasting time and money with so-called coaching gurus who'll just turn your business into an expensive hobby!

Days of wasting money with coaches that put random nonsense out on the internet with hype, no proper training, and scare tactics are done.

You're not here just to buy another program and let it collect dust on your end table.


The New Coach Accelerator is the program that will make you an expert in mindset and give you all the tools & techniques you need to start and grow your coaching business as you dreamed of. 

Become one of the most qualified and impactful coaches out there. Start earning big money, and create a life doing what you love while helping others. 

Not only will you help your clients to transform at the conscious & unconscious levels, you will also go into your own personal transformation and make an impact and live the life you've always desired. 

Are you ready!!!

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Build a coaching brand that brings you the wealth, clients, and freedom you deserve and desire!


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A world-recognized certificate that has met the highest standards in the industry

Evidence-based and backed by neuroscience with proven methods that work

The Certificates Inside

More people are calling themselves coaches with no experience or proper training now than ever before. Having a certification will show your audience you stand out from the crowd and are a legit qualified coach.




NLP is like having a manual for the mind. NLP’s known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to create miracle-style results. With NLP, you'll be able to help others increase their confidence, fully love themselves, increase their motivation and success, instantly let go of negative habits, beliefs, and so much more. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how the subconscious mind works, and how everyone is truly in charge of their own reality.



Coaching is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry, which means there's so much opportunity for growth and prosperity. Stand out as a powerhouse in one of the fastest-growing, multi-billion dollar industries. Everyone from corporate execs, to new business owners, and influencers need a coach. Become known as the most powerful, results-creating coach, and feel the fulfillment of making lasting changes in your clients’ lives, while getting paid your worth to do work that truly matters and fulfills your spirit.



Use the power of hypnosis to connect with the subconscious mind and imprint new ways of being, thinking, doing habits, busting limiting beliefs, and radically change lives in a single session. Use hypnotic language to talk directly to the subconscious mind and create new behaviors and banish fears. Through hypnosis, you can help clients lose weight, quit smoking, attract more abundance, release fears, set and achieve goals, and so much more, all from one single session.



T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is one of the most powerful set of NLP techniques that has the power to instantly eliminate blocks, negative emotions like fear, hurt, guilt, sadness, banish limiting beliefs, the effects of phobias, and completely eliminate the emotions of anxiety. T.I.M.E also can install goals into both you and your clients’ futures with complete ease and success. 

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  • You're a new coach that has no idea where to begin and wants to start a coaching business properly from the get-go and not have to buy dozens of programs trying to figure it out yourself.

  • You've spent so much on courses that 'guarantee' results, but all you got out of it is frustration, an empty wallet, and a shit ton of google coaches 101 strategies, and now feel that you're no further along than when you started!

  • You’re done scrolling Social Media and buying self-help books to find your "self" but never implementing any of it.
  • You know 100% that you want to become a Legit Certified Coach.
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  • Sick of living paycheck to paycheck and you want to become a sold-out coach and create a thriving coaching business STAT.
  • You've been thinking about becoming a coach or have been in the industry for a while now but can't seem to make it work.
  • You're trying to stand out from the crowd but don't know how. You've even taken all the programs, but still no money, clients, or momentum.
  • You've been looking for a program that blends epic tools like Money, Identity, NLP, Business, Marketing, Social media training + coaching in one magical program.

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Did you think that was all?! 

If you join by the deadline, you’ll get…
Call In The Wealth ($300 Value)
7 Day's To jumpstart Your Coaching Business ($200 Value)
Access to the Business School Solopreneur

Call In The Wealth

($300 Value) 

Designed to help you reframe and remove your limiting beliefs around money while up-leveling your money game. 21 days of “spellwork” and daily videos that will allow you to tap into your ability to manifest more money.

7 Day's To jumpstart Your Coaching Business

($200 Value) 
What you need to know to get your life coaching business off the ground and attract your first paying clients including A full rundown on how to host your coaching sessions. 


($2,500 Value) 

Take your impact and income to the next level with our comprehensive Business School trainings. We break every single element of business down so you can be intentional about how you create and run your business.

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An Online Self-paced Certification That Can Take As Little As 2 Weeks To 6 Months To Complete. Create A Schedule That Works For You!

($4,500 Value) 

NLP’s known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to create miracle-style results. With NLP, you'll be able to help others increase their confidencefully love themselves, increase their motivation and success, instantly let go of negative habits, beliefs, and so much more. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how the subconscious mind works, and how everyone is truly in charge of their own reality.

($3,500 Value) 

Coaching is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry, which means there's so much opportunity for growth and prosperity. Stand out as a powerhouse in one of the fastest-growing, multi-billion dollar industries. Become known as the most powerful, results-creating coach, and feel the fulfillment of making lasting changes in your clients’ lives, while getting paid your worth to do work that truly matters and fulfills your spirit.

($3,000 Value) 

Use the power of hypnosis to connect with the subconscious mind and imprint new ways of being, thinking, doing habits, busting beliefs, and radically change lives in a single session. Use hypnotic language to talk directly to the subconscious mind and create new behaviors and banish fears. Through hypnosis, you can help clients lose weight, quit smoking, attract more abundance, set and achieve goals, and much more.

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($3,000 Value) 

One of the most powerful NLP techniques that has the power to eliminate blocks, and negative emotions like anger, fear, hurt, guilt, and sadness. Banish limiting beliefs, the effects of phobias, as well aseliminate the emotions of anxiety. T.I.M.E also can install goals into the future with ease and success. 

Money Mastery & Wealth Identity 
($2,500 Value) 

Step into the power that lies within. These audio and video trainings will help you with your money mindset, unleash your wealth identity fully and access greater levels of your personal power & magic which includes the 5 Figure Shift Technique and The Sequence to Aligned Wealth.

 ($4,500 Value) 

All things Business, Financial & Social Media. Take your impact and income to the next level with trainings to help you structure your coaching business to make money STAT! 

Includes Cash Injection Bonus, Crraft your Hight Ticker Offers Programe & The Bussiness School Mastery. 

Sounds great, but what’s the price?”

Today, you can enroll for only…

$8,888 $4,444

(and yes we have payment plans!)

I recommend not wasting any time – make this YOUR year. Need a payment plan? Done.

And for the BIG REVEAL…


EFT Practitioner Certification

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a technique that is based on acupuncture however it is much faster, affordable, and accessible to all. By tapping on certain energetic meridians, otherwise known as acupressure points, within the body you are able to release limiting beliefs, anxiety, and fears, along with physical pain simply by moving stagnant energy within the body. This is a powerful technique you can use on yourself and your clients to raise their vibrational frequency & work with their energetic current for positive change.


Tap Into Wealth

Start manifesting Big Money, become a match for 6 Figure Years, and clear yourself of the money blocks that have been holding you back from the wealth and money YOU deserve

EFT is a technique that is based on acupuncture however it is much faster and affordable. By tapping on certain points within the body you are able to release limiting beliefs, anxiety, and fear around your wealth and money beliefs.

Tap into wealth & see money manifest into your life faster than you can say 'abracadabra'

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Become one of the most qualified and impactful coaches out there...

NLP & Life Coaching combined will help you start earning big money and create a life that sets your soul on fire by doing what you love while helping others. 

You don’t want to feel like another coach on the internet so why start a business like one?

Become the go-to coach in your industry with proper training.

Being able to coach at both the conscious and unconscious levels is at the very cutting edge of where neuroscience meets ancient wisdom-and-straight-up-magic. 

That right there is what will give you the edge over other online coaches making you stand out from the crowd.

There has been no other coach training that teaches you mastery and artistry precisely like this combining NLP, Money Mindset, Coaching, Hypnosis, the conscious and unconscious mind!

I'm tired of seeing new coaches waste money and start their coaching career on the wrong foot just to see their business flop after a few months. The bullshit stops now!

I am one of the best trainers you will ever meet and I am here for the long run. 

I am here to make sure you make the money you deserve and desire in your business. 

I am here for you to get the results for your clients and for yourself! 

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One Program which gives you the entire toolbox = Total Freedom!!


This is the only coaching certificate you will ever have to invest in. It's This is a MOVEMENT IN THE MAKING!!!!

Simplified with Multiple Payment Plans


One Time Full Payment Of


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How The Certificate Works: 

Completed 100% online. On-demand training Lessons & Mastermind Facebook Community. Including a welcome package with your Manual and some gifts shipped right to your door.


Work through and watch the self-study video training on your own time.


Practice the techniques and submit your videos & tests (the test is open book).

Celebrate You Graduated!!!

The program must be paid in full and the certificate of completion will be issued after everything mandatory is completed & passed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Hi! I'm Christina.

Trainer in NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, & EFT. 

I started expanding my own personal development journey after I had an identity crisis before I hit 30. I needed clarity to figure out who I was. I knew it was time to start doing something for me for a change and not feel bad about it.

I started focusing on my soul searching, finding my passion, and figuring out my purpose in my journey and I found it. It turned out to be a magical self-discovery that keeps growing in abundance. I felt my inner light flicker, and I didn't want to stop. I wanted that light to burn bright for everyone around me and that's when I expanded my practice into what it is today.

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