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5 Day Challenge Reveals How Aspiring Coaches Can Learn the 5 Key Steps to Start Their Mindset & Life Coaching Business Without Sacrificing Their Time & Money.

Create A Business That Sets Your Soul on Fire & Attract Paying Customers Faster Than You Can Say "Abracadabra"

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Take Action and Launch Your Online Coaching Business With Clarity & Confidence Today!


Are you eager to establish a successful business but feeling uncertain about where to begin? My free challenge is designed to address these concerns and equip you with all the essential knowledge.

  • Learn My Simple Way To Get Clear On HOW  To Start Coaching, WHAT  You'll Coach On, And WHO You Will Help.
  • You'll Discover What Kind of Impact & Income You Will Earn As A Legit Coach.
  • The Secret Coaching Techniques That Will Make You Stand Out In The Industry,  Meaning You Can Position Yourself As The Go-To Coach In Your Niche.
  • I Will Reveal What You Must Do To Structure Your Coaching Business So That You Can Make Money Online Anywhere.
  • Daily Tasks Can Be Completed In Just under 20 Minutes. I Will Be On Hand To Answer Questions, Provide Feedback, And Give You Support Every Step Of The Way. 

Start to Launch, Grow, and Scale your life coaching business so you can easily make money online by creating a hobby or full-time business that sets your soul on fire!


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Understand your motivation behind your why

It’s important to get clear on why you desire to be a coach and what is it about coaching that makes you excited. What kind of impact do you want to make as a coach, and what kind of lifestyle and income would you like to have? Your why is the driving force behind wanting to become a coach.

Next up...The Who!

The first thing you need to do is identify who you want to coach and why you want to coach them, and then determine what you will coach them on, this will help you attract paying clients. This is the foundation of everything in your business.

It's time to figure out how you will coach!

Find out how to build a coaching practice that sets you apart from your competitors. Develop an understanding of how you will make your vision a reality using your talent, gifts, tools, tricks, etc. What skills have you learned over the years? What can you teach others? Dive deep into what their problem is that you can help with, and how you solve it!! This is key to building a ready-to-buy audience.

It's time for some problem-solving!!! 

 Dive into what your client's problem is that you can help with, and how you help solve it, where they are now to where they want to bet!! This is key to building a ready-to-buy audience. Learn the importance of creating a transformational coaching experience, and what coaching is and what coaching is not. We will dive into how you can find those epic clients, attract them to you and start making those sales!

The structure of your business!

Start to take action and launch your coaching business by figuring out how much money you want to make, if you want to be a full-time or part-time coach. What social media platform will you find your paying clients? What will you offer? And understand the different types of courses, memberships, and masterminds you can launch to streamline your coaching business.


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I'm Christina! 

It is my goal to help as many people take advantage of the incredible opportunities life coaching has to offer when trained right.

Over the last decade, I’ve become an expert in Mindset as well as A Trainer in NLP, Mindset & Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, & EFT.

Not sure where to start or even how to coach and get paying clients in the first place? 

Give me 5 Days and we will ditch the overwhelm together.

Join me and a vibrant community of others ready for success. Each day, I'll take you through simple, actionable tasks to move your coaching business forward. My amazing team and I will be there to support you, keep you accountable, and cheer you on.

Each evening, I'll go live to explore the day's tasks and share my insights. I was once where you are now and, having built my own business and training academy, I know what it takes to push through, dream big, and reach those goals.

Is it time to become the person you truly desire to be?

Then come and join my challenge.

I'd love for you to be my next success story.

Christina x